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2008.10.10. On Friday, September, 26, the conference “Challenges and Future Prospects of Cooperation between Forest Industry and Relative Branches”
2006.11.03. The operative information of “Latvian State’s Forests” shows that 279 kilometres of forest roads will be put in operation this year
2006.10.13. The Conference of State Forest Managers discusses the opportunities of using the less valuable wood in bioenergy
2006.10.10. Additional funding granted to support the modernization of business infrastructure
2006.08.17. Plan of actions of the unified national economy strategy anticipates facilitating forest industry development
2006.08.01. JSC “Latvijas Valsts Meži” has arranged the first planting stock storehouse in the Baltics at Strenči
2006.07.30. Having joined the EFI Convention, Latvia shall be more actively involved in international cooperation for conducting forest industry and forest researches
2006.07.24. Wood processing enterprises can obtain the internationally acknowledged testing survey for their products
2006.07.20. Special Consultative Council shall elaborate recommendations on the development of the biofuel industry in the state
2006.07.17. International projects for the unified research of forest biological diversity and soil shall be implemented
2006.07.14. The Minister of Agriculture has reached an agreement with the Perm Region officials on cooperation in the forest industry
2006.07.06. New airfield has been established in Cesis, where aircraft appropriate for performing forest research measurements shall operate
2006.06.29. The Premier acknowledges the necessity of developing production based on modern technologies
2006.06.20. Distance education platform has been developed to increase professional qualification for workers of timber industry and associated branches
2006.05.16. Latvia has received resources from the EU Solidarity Fund for covering damages from hurricane that hit Latvia in January last year
2006.05.16. Latvian Timber Exporters’ Association has changed its name to Latvian Timber Producers’ & Traders’ Association
2006.05.02. Latvia has an annual access to wood that would ensure 8-10 000 GWh in the form of liquid fuel (biooil)
2006.05.02. The government has adopted regulations of Forest Advisory Council of the Ministry of Agriculture
2006.04.18. Cargo transported by road was up by 16.4% during the year 2005
2006.04.18. Latvian Confederation of Forest Owners and Managers Established
2006.04.03. Latvian Builders of Wood Homes will be represented in “Norsk Hytteliv” (Norway)
2006.04.03. LVM, for the first time, has insisted that trucks be equipped with computers that can be used for data transmission
2006.03.20. Building Volumes in Latvia in 2005: LVL 818.1 Million, or 15.5% more than in 2004
2006.03.20. Producer prices up by 7.1% on the year in comparison to the first month of 2005
2006.03.20. The Latvian Agriculture Ministry (ZM) has drafted a new project for Rural Development Fund
2006.03.02. Foundation Created for Independent Timber Measuring System in cooparation with “VMF Latvia”
2006.02.20. Half a year has passed since the law “On registering trees and roundwood during transactions” took effect in Latvia
2006.02.06. Selection of Trees in the Forest – for the Present and Future of Latvia’s Forests
2006.02.06. Latvia is a very significant wood importer it also affects the wood price in Scotland
2006.01.16. Since four years the PEFC certification of wood and forest supply chains takes place also in Latvia
2006.01.02. The forest industry public relation strategy was worked out last year within the framework of PHARE project
2006.01.02. Furniture manufacturers from Baltic countries agree on cooperation


2006.11.07. The Swedish company “Sodra” has boughtforest land in Latvia from “Metsaliitto”
2006.11.09. Joint-stock company „Latvijas Finieris” has received an award for the successful implementation of the IT solution for business management
2006.10.20. Next summer „Bolderaja Ltd” plans to process 1.2 million m3 of wood annually by opening the new OSB line
2006.10.15. „Botnia” proposes to liquidate „Baltic Pulp” and leave the Latvian pulp mill project
2006.09.28. „Magnat Group” is developing a technological park for small wood-processing companies in the territory of port
2006.03.20. “Bolderāja” - more than EUR 100 million will be invested in the OSB factory
2006.03.02. Ostby holding - Major Manufacturing Facility for Wood Frame Homes Near Rīga
2006.02.20. In Latvia several companies are engaged in building of log houses as well as with panel producing and mounting
2006.02.06. „Egra Trans” Ltd. adds value to the wood, expands capacities with SAPARD program
2006.02.06. “The Wilhemsen Terminal Ltd.” has chosen the right attitude to satisfy customer needs
2006.01.16. Estonian wood processing technology producer buys Finnish “Lekopa OY”
2006.01.16. Lithuanian investment company “Invalda” expands in Latvia and Ukraine
2005.12.05. Major Baltic independent sawmiller Nelss announce further investment totalling 5 milj. EUR
2005.12.05. This year the financing of Forest Development Fund (FDF) was received by 16 scientific projects
2005.12.05. Finnish concern “Metsaliitto” has sold its shares of 40 % Latvian company “Vika Wood” Ltd
2005.12.05. Joint Stock Company “Latvian State Forests” (LSF) will realize the pilot project of energetic chips production
2005.11.21. This year “Rona” major partners has found in Portugal and Spain by exporting softwood preparations
2005.11.07. “Reaton” invests in the department producing wooden doors about 700 th. LVL
2005.10.24. The new owner of “Rīgas finieru rūpnīca” Ltd. “Furnierwerk Winsen GmbH” is going to invest 4 mil. EUR
2005.10.24. At present the building of “Gaujas koks” Ltd. new factory in Jēkabpils is delayed
2005.09.26. In the beginning of September “Arbo” Ltd. opened new window and door factory
2005.09.02. Search by wood industry sub-sectors is available for browsing and printing
2005.09.01. Data base of Latvian Forest Industry companies is available for all users
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